My experience with Looking Glass Eye Center.
I had my eyes examined on June 23, 2017 at Looking Glass Eye Center. On June 26 I had to go to Wisconsin for a family health emergency. I ended up being there until September 18. I needed a follow up appointment but was concerned at the length of time between the time I received my glasses to the time I returned to NC.
I contacted Amy Good and explained my situation. She put me in touch with Angel in the Brevard office and she was able to see me the very next day. She agreed that I needed another exam and arranged for me to see Dr. Johnson. He found and corrected the problem at that time.
Everyone I came in contact was very sensitive to my needs and I am extremely pleased with the Brevard office.
Thank you,

Carol Odegaard



I was referred to Looking Glass Eye Care in July by my physician and to Dr. Katherine Volatile in particular by a friend. Right off the bat I was amazed at how knowledgeable the technicians were. They really know their business. All of the technicians I’ve been in contact have been with Looking Glass for a number of years. In my pre-retirement life as a financial services executive, I know that tenured employees are a result of how they are treated by their employers. That speaks volumes to me.
Dr. Volatile updated me on the progress on my cataract (about halfway there) and I asked why I had to wait until the cataract covered my eye before I had it removed. She said I didn’t and immediately set me up with Dr. Verm.
Fast forward to August 15th and the cataract has been removed. I was amazed that my vision was so quickly corrected…thought there would be some fuzziness or something. After a 15 minute procedure and a half hour in recovery, I was on my way home! Best decision I ever made was to have the cataract removed early! Dr. Verm was terrific and explained everything along the way (and during the procedure) and I never felt rushed when I had questions.
Thanks to everyone at Looking Glass for a really great experience! It couldn’t have gone better!


Peggy Law



Dr. Greer recently performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes. He kept me very well informed and handled the entire process in a very professional manner. It was a very good experience and resulted in greatly improve eye sight. Thank you, Dr. Greer


John C. Davis, Brevard resident.



I have been a patient of Dr. Alan Verm and Looking Glass Eye Center for many years and have always received the best of care in a customer friendly, professional environment. Recently I had the opportunity to experience two procedures with outstanding results, which confirmed to me that Looking Glass Eye Center is the best Ophthalmology group in the region:

1. In March, Dr. Verm expertly preformed Blepharoplasty, or removal of skin from my sagging eyelids. What a fantastic difference this has made in my peripheral vision and in my appearance. I look 20 years younger! Dr.Verm has a wonderful patient communication style in which he describes at each step along the way in the procedure what he will be doing and what the patient will be feeling, frequently assuring the patient that all is going well.

2. In May, Dr. Verm removed my cataracts, again, with outstanding results. My eyesight is now 20/15. My astigmatism is corrected. I am able to see better than I ever have – without contacts or glasses. It’s now a sharp, clear beautiful world out there for me. The surgery itself was a breeze, thanks to Dr. Verm’s expertise. And as “icing on the cake” he actually called me the evening after the second procedure to assure that all was going well.

The results of these procedure have had such a positive effect on my day to day life. I can see better than ever. I am free from time consuming application and removal of contacts, no red eyes, a younger look. To say that I am pleased is an understatement.

A huge THANK YOU, Dr. Verm and Staff , for your professionalism, competency and great customer service.


Julie Thompson



testimonial-meridithI was reluctant to start using any fillers or Botox. I was worried that it would not look natural or that it would hurt or be uncomfortable to have done. Dr. Volatile immediately eased all those fears, with her knowledge, expertise and amazing “bedside” manner. After my first procedure I saw immediate results, and while people commented on how great I looked, no one suspected I had had “work” done. Dr. Volatile is extremely gifted and talented, and I can’t ever imagine going to anyone else.

Meridith Elliott Powell

In Dec. 2015 I was scheduled to see my Ophthalmologist, Dr. Craig Secosan, for a regular check-up. It turns out Dr. Secosan had just retired, so I was asked if I would like to see the newest member of the Medical Staff, Dr. Anthony Greer. This was fine. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Greer’s relaxed demeanor and was impressed by his thorough examination. In the course of that examination, Dr.Greer discovered a condition in my left eye associated with previous cataract surgery. He then proceeded to explain the various options for treatment of this problem, one of which was a laser surgical procedure performed in the office. I chose this option, thinking it would be rescheduled for a later date. To my pleasant surprise Dr. Greer informed me that the procedure could be performed right then and there. Fifteen minutes later the painless procedure was completed and the blurry vision in my eye completely corrected. We, in the Brevard area are, indeed, very fortunate to have access to such high quality professional eye care delivered with kindness and concern. The Administrative and Nursing Staffs at Looking Glass are equally courteous, accommodating and professional and I thank them all for their efforts on my behalf.


Herbert K. Plauche’, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., Orthopaedic Surgeon, Highlands, N.C.

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dr. Yoder and the looking glass team. They are amazing, patient, and really care. They took the time twice with me to figure out just how to improve my contact prescription. I really appreciated their smiles and their desire for me to see better. Just wanted to say thank you for their hard work and kindness.


Amy Miles

Dear Dr. Verm,


Thank you and your friendly and professional staff for giving me my eyesight back! My vision became so poor, (at 81 years old) I had to use a pair of binoculars to see the little flag on our mailbox, to tell me our mail had been delivered! The mailbox is over 100 feet away and the walk to it is about 135 feet.


Because of my recent (and successful) cataract surgery, I no longer need the binoculars to see the little flag!!! What an improvement — maybe even — “what a miracle!”


Thank you again!
Joe Satrape, Lake Lure, NC

‘There is no truth except the truth that exists within you. Everything else is what someone is telling you.’

“Although I wouldn’t say that surgery of any kind is one of my favorite things to experience, I have to say that my recent eye surgery with Dr. Verm was as pleasant as it could have possibly been. Thanks to all of you that I worked with. From the moment I checked in I was treated with kindness and respect. I felt that the office staff I had communication with cared about my surgical outcome. No one in the office could have done anything to make my experience any better!

Dr. Verm, you are amazing. I am thrilled with my “bionic eyes”. Thanks to all of you. You are an awesome group.”

Carol Fisk

“I imagine it’s normal for anyone anticipating the need for cataract surgery to feel somewhat apprehensive or even fearful about a pending operation. However, Dr. Alan Verm and the staff of Looking Glass Eye Center soon erased my apprehension and calmed my fears when I visited their Hendersonville office in early June 2015 for an eye exam. During that visit, Dr. Verm did recommend cataract surgery for both eyes. He and his staff answered all my questions and thoroughly explained the surgical procedures and expected outcomes. With every confidence in Dr. Verm, his staff, and the Pardee Hospital Day Surgery personnel, I asked that my eye surgeries be scheduled as soon as possible. Well, I’m pleased to share that the June 16th surgery on my right eye and June 23rd surgery on my left were successful! I am so very thankful to God and grateful to Dr. Verm and all medical staff involved for helping provide me a much clearer view of this beautiful world in which we all live. Thank you, Dr. Verm!”


Barbara Blaine
Hendersonville, NC

“Dan Yoder has been my ophthalmologist since my primary physician thought he saw something on my retina and sent me over to Looking Glass Eye Center to have it checked.  I had always used opticians for my eye exams, thinking that writing eye-glass prescriptions didn’t require an ophthalmologist and was probably beneath his dignity.  I found I got a far more complete exam using the finest optical equipment at Looking Glass than I ever got at an optician’s office and the cost differential was negligible.


When it came time to remove my cataracts, I turned to Dr. Yoder. To say that I am pleased with the results would be the understatement of the century: I am ecstatic! My distance vision is better than it has ever been thanks to the exceptional knowledge and extraordinary skill of Dan Yoder.  It is not easy to trust someone to cut open your eyes and replace the lenses God put there. That’s especially true of someone with my personality.  I do not trust easily.  I research everything and try to learn what I can expect from different options and the “tradeoffs” involved.  Dr. Yoder spent as much time with me as I needed to confirm what I had learned and guide me through alternatives.


There is no “best” approach for everyone.  What’s “best” depends on your basic vision and what is important to you.  Different lenses can be implanted in each eye with one optimized for close work, the other for distance.  I had tried that with contact lenses years ago and my brain refused to adapt so that was out for me.  I could spend more for “dual-vision” lenses (like progressive lenses), but Dr. Yoder advised that I could not expect perfect vision either close or at distance.  The best we could hope for was 20-25 distance vision and acceptable reading ability with good light and print of reasonable size.  Given my personality, he didn’t think I would be happy and I agreed. The last and least expensive option would be to implant lenses that would correct my distance vision as close to perfect as possible and wear “drugstore reading glasses” for close work.  That’s the option I took and I’m extremely pleased with the result.  Years after surgery, my distance vision is 20-20 or better and with inexpensive (+1.50 diopter) drugstore glasses, I can read forever without eyestrain.


A word of warning: as Dr. Yoder will tell you, everyone’s eyes are different and not everyone can expect the same results.  I was lucky that much of the astigmatism I had been born with was caused by deformities in my lenses, not in my retina, so replacing my natural lenses eliminated most of my astigmatism. Others might not be so lucky but they can still obtain excellent results by implanting astigmatism-correcting lenses or wearing astigmatism-correcting glasses after the surgery.  One thing is certain: Dan Yoder is an exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and honest doctor who will level with you.  I could not recommend anyone more highly.  Listen to what he says and follow his suggestions.  You won’t go wrong!  And, oh yes, the operation is pain free … really!”


– Ed Foster